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  • IMS Research Extends Industry’s Most Detailed Lighting Forecast to 2020

    IMS research has published a report "The World Market for Lamps & Luminaires in General & Exterior Lighting - 2011 Edition"


    "The lighting world is evolving at an exciting pace. Changing government standards, improvements in LED efficiency and decreases in prices are leading to a race where early market entrants are expecting to see big gains."

    IMS Research Extends Industry's Most Detailed Lighting Forecast to 2020 in New Release

    Date: 21 September 2011


    Austin, Texas - September 21, 2011 - IMS Research has extended its global lighting (lamps and luminaires) market and installed based forecasts through 2020. This new release of The World Market for Lamps & Luminaires in General & Exterior Lighting is now available to both new and existing customers.


    In lighting, LEDs are continually improving in efficiency and with the quantity and quality of light they emit, all while decreasing in cost. It is predicted that by 2015, LEDs will produce greater than 180 lumens per watt. Additionally, the development of several new methods of dispersing the directional light of LEDs is creating new lighting products that can better mimic current lighting technologies.


    The greatest impact from these improvements is that LED lighting will not be boxed into niche lighting markets, but in the long run should be able to penetrate all viable lighting markets that currently use an array of different technologies.


    The quick adoption rate of LEDs in conjunction with their long life will have a profound effect on the global lighting market in the near future. As more and more sockets are filled with LEDs the market for replacement lamps and luminaires will decrease. This in conjunction with the year on year decrease in prices for both LED lamps and luminaires will lead to market growth slowing in 2013 and decreasing in 2014. By 2020, it is forecasted that LEDs will make up 70% of the lighting market, but growth will have stalled at 2%.



    These extended forecasts are extremely valuable for all parties interested in directly or indirectly entering the lighting market. The extended forecast will allow organisations to better see the effect of low LED replacement rates and decreasing product prices on the overall market through the next decade.


    About the current World Market for Lamps & Luminaires in General & Exterior Lighting Report


    The report provides trends, detailed revenue, unit shipments and ASP analysis of 5 lamp and luminaire technologies (Incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, HID and LED) by region (North Amercia, Latin America, Western Europe, Rest of EMEA, Japan, China, Rest of APAC). Analysis on the world installed base for lamps and luminaires, including a forecast through 2020 is broken down by region, technology and application (Hospitality, office, retail, healthcare, warehouse/storage, manufacturing/industrial, other, outdoor-street and residential).


    For a copy of the report brochure and to receive additional information please go to: 



    or contact Philip Smallwood at


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