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  • January 2011 - Double CIBSE award nomination

    Two energy saving products from PhotonStar have been nominated for the prestigious CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2011. SmartNemesis and EcoStar are two of the six finalists for the Energy Using Product section. The winners will be announced at a gala dinner in London on 9th February. Both products have previously won a number of awards for sustainability and innovation.

    To learn more about the awards and view the full list of finalists, CLICK HERE

    The Judging criteria for Energy Using Products

    The Judges considered any product that improves building performance and saves energy and carbon, and are judging based on:

    • Research, testing, development
    • Innovation in design, technology and/or application
    • Improvement over existing products in terms of performance, energy or resource (e.g. water) efficiency and carbon saving
    • Manufacturing process: mitigation of the environmental impact of production
    • Use of recycled materials; recyclability
    • Performance in operation (which is preferred to performance figures for factory testing)
    • Evidence of reductions in carbon emissions
    • Clear product technical information for specifiers, designers and installers
    • O + M information

    Both SmartNemesis and EcoStar (as demonstrated by their nomination) are strong in all of these areas. The EcoStar offers possibly the lowest embodied CO2 lighting solution available today, and the innovative SmartNemesis maximises energy saving through embedded intelligence on on board control as well as ground breaking energy efficiency. All PhotonStar products are developed to comply with our sustainable design philosophy.


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